Snapchat Filters – Low Battery And High Battery Snpchat Filter 

Snapchat offers a number of filters to its users. Some filters change the tint of the image changing it to an amber color, or to black and white. There are also Geo filters that represent a specific location that are submitted by other Snapchat users. I can go on a rant about all of the different styles and variations of filters, but in this article I will be discussing the low battery and high battery snapchat filters.

How to Get The Low Battery Snapchat Filter 

 Let’s kick things off by discussing the low battery snapchat filter. This filter becomes available when your mobile device’s battery level drops below ten percent. When your phone gets that low it is time to plug it in and let it get a fresh charge before you do any more snapping. The filter is similar to the battery life indicator on a mobile device. It shows a battery with a little bit of power left in it . The little bit of juice left is red to warn that the battery is almost dead. The interior of the battery is dark gray with a sad face on the side of it. I mean, who isn’t a little sad with an empty battery?
How to Get The Full Battery Snapchat Filter 

 Now for the more cheerful of the two battery level indicating filters. This is the full battery snapchat filter. This filter becomes available when a snapchat user’s battery level is at 90% or higher. As soon as your battery reaches 89% the filter disappears from the list of filters you have to choose from. This filter actually has a sillouette of a battery. The Interior of the battery sillouette is green. The green symbolizes that the battery is nearly full and ready to send some snaps. There is a white smiling face in the side of the battery showing you how happy your phone is to have a full tank.
These filters are great for showing your friends just how much battery life you have left. You can seek pity for having a low battery or brag about it being full. It is up to you. 

Happy Snapping!