Snapchat Filters – National Pizza Day Snapchat Filter 

Today is February ninth to some. To others it is national pizza day. National pizza day is a celebration of one of Americas most popular finger foods. There are thousands of different topping combinations for people all over the world to choose from when they order a pizza. Toppings range from cheese to anchovies. There are even pizza buffets that all ow people to fill their stomachs with as much pizza as their heart desires. To honor this celebration of pizza, snapchat released a filter for all of the pizza lovers to use while they enjoy their pizzas.

National Pizza Day Snapchat Filter Overview 

The national pizza day snapchat filter is one that may make your friends hungry when they see it. The filter only takes up the bottom third of the screen. The filter consists of a slice of pizza with a number of toppings in the bottom left corner. Surrounding the slice of pizza is some large text in a font that looks like pizza slices. The font reads “National Pizza Day.” This font makes me want a nice hot Clive of cheese pizza. This filter will be used by snapchat users who are celebrating the event. Don’t be surprised if you receive a few snaps of your friends or family enjoying some pizza on national pizza day.

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Happy snapping!

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