Snapchat Filters – New Years Day 2016 Snapchat Filter Prediction

Snapchat Filters - New Years Day 2016 Snapchat Filter PredictionSnapchat Filters – New Years Day 2016 Snapchat Filter Prediction

Filters are becoming increasingly popular in the Snapchat world. They are used for special occasions, holidays, and even for marketing. Plenty of businesses have been creating their own Geo filters to help promote brands. This is a genies move for businesses. They will let people do the marketing for them. When someone who is shopping at a store sends a snap to their friends with the Geo filter that promotes the store they are shopping at it is free advertising for that business. Well, it isn’t really free. Snapchat makes out pretty well with the deal as well. Snapchat charges businesses to create these promotional filters. The filters that are released this New Years Day will not be created to promote businesses. The New years Day filters will be just purely fun. Similar to the DJ Khaled filter released on Christmas.

New Years Day 2016 Snapchat Filter Prediction

  The filter that is released New Years Day 2016 on Snapchat will most likely be released on the morning of New Year”s Eve and if not then, soon before midnight. This will probably happen because if it is posted after midnight it won’t be very effective. People will wan to use the filter on snaps they send right at midnight. This filter will be very popular on the thousands of videos around the world of the clock striking midnight. For many snapchat users the New Years Day Snapchat filter will be the first filter they use and receive. There will likely be New Years Day filters from every major cities. I imagine there will be a variety of new years day live stories from the biggest cities in the world. The live stories will be a succession of the clock striking midnight around the world before the new year finally reaches the east coast of the united states; where the biggest new years party will be going on in New York. I imagine there will be a Snapchat live story from New York City. There just has to be, it is the biggest New Years celebration in the country. There will probably also be a Geo Filter for New Years in New York.

This New Years filter will most likely have the year 2016 in bold text. It will have either confetti, party novelties, or maybe some animals celebrating. It is really up in the air. What this filter will look like. I know there will be filters for all of the major cities around the world but what they look like will remain a question up until they are released. They could look like the DJ Khaled filter from Christmas. Serving as a recap of all the pop culture icons from 2015. We will see.

New Year’s Day Filter

Check out the New Year’s Day 2016 filter available to snaochat users! 

Snapchat Year in Review Time Capsule Idea

  Snappers this year have come up with a great idea you might want to try in 2016. It would be cool if Snapchat had a year in review option. A way to see snaps from throughout the past year. This is possible if you want to take the time to set it up. Here is how to do it. First you will set up a new Snapchat account other than your own. Then you will log into your primary account and add the account you made. Name it something like “your name year in review” Then throughout the year, send snaps to that account. By the end of the year you will be able to log into that account and see all of the snaps you sent yourself throughout the year. The first snaps you send should be of new years night as the year 2015 takes its last few breaths and 2016 is born. Use the New Years Day Snapchat filter to mark the occasion. Personally I will be trying this. It seems like a fun little idea.Happy Snapping!

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