Snapchat Filters – New Year’s Eve 2015 Snapchat Filter Prediction

Snapchat Filters - New Year's Eve 2015 Snapchat Filter Prediction Snapchat Filters – New Year’s Eve 2015 Snapchat Filter Prediction

We have seen some interesting filters from Snapchat this past year. Everything from fourth of July filters all the way up to the recent DJ Khaled Christmas 2015 filter. Filters have become increasingly popular on Snapchat, and for good reason. Snapchat users love filters because they allow them to spice up their everyday average snap. Corporations love Snapchat filters because it allows them to advertise to millions of people in a creative way. Snapchat loves filters because they charge these companies for the advertising. Filters will be used more and more often as time goes by. More companies will opt to use filters as advertising as apposed to more physical forms of advertising. This new years eve however, the motive of the most popular filters will not have the goal of profits. It will be for fun.

As the year of 2015 comes to a close millions of Snapchat users across the country will begin preparing for the celebration of the new year. They will be going to parties, ball drops, and all the while they will be documenting their night on Snapchat. Sending snaps to all their friends, and adding snaps to their stories. There will also be a filter available for these Snapchat users to add to their snaps as the clock strikes midnight. What will this filter look like? Will there be more than one? These questions can all be asked but we will not know the answer for sure until December 31st.

New Year’s Eve 2015 Snapchat Filter Prediction

I believe the Snapchat new year’s eve 2015 filter will be released by the morning of December 31st. Snappers all over the world will begin sending snaps using the filter as soon as it is released. It will continue to be used throughout the day right up until the year takes its final breath and we move into 2016. The new year’s eve filter will likely be a part of the first snaps people receive in 2016. I predict that there will be a filter that is also available that says something along the lines of “happy new years” that is released not long before midnight on December 31st so that when users upload snaps to their story they will have filters available to match the occasion.

The filter will likely feature either the year 2016 in bold text with confetti and some other typical new years items. Maybe hats or blow horns could also be a part of the new years eve filter. There is really no telling. There is always the question of will there be a filter similar to the DJ Khaled filter that was so popular around Christmas time? A filter that is kind of a remembrance of everything that has happened in the past year? The answer to this question is…maybe. It is possible that there could be another unique filter to remember everything that happened in 2015. All we can do is wait it out to know for sure what the new years eve Snapchat filter will bring to the table.

The 2015 New Years Eve Snapchat Filter is Here

Check out the New Year’s Eve filter on Snapchat.


Happy New Year and Happy Snapping!