Snapchat Filters – Only The Strong Will Survive X-Men Apocalypse Snapchat Filter

Snapchat Filters - Only The Strong Will Survive X-Men Apocalypse Snapchat FilterLate in the afternoon of February Seventh 2016 snapchat released yet another sponsored filter that promoted a movie. Earlier in the day there were two Deadpool sponsored snapchat filters. This one was for the movie X-Men Apocalypse. I believe that these filters were an attempt by the movie producers to take advantage of the fact that a large number of people would be active on snapchat due to super bowl 50. Just as businesses sell out with expensive television commercials for the super bowl. Movies went ahead and used snapchat to promote their productions. Snapchat works well for this because the snapchat users do the marketing for the movie. When the filter is used it spreads the word about the movie along with text or a background that relates to the movie. In the case of this filter the movie is X-Men.

Only The Strong Will Survive X-Men Apocalypse Snapchat Filter

The X-Men Apocalypse snapchat filter is a very intense filter in the light that it takes up a good portion of the screen space. The filter consists of a foggy background that fades into a circular transparent area in the center of the filter. This is where the picture or video will show through. From each corner there is some steel I-beams that extend toward the center of the filter to form a the shape of an “X”. However, the center portion of the beams has been destroyed leaving jagged edges that seem to have been either broken or melted. Along the top of the filter there is some white text that reads “Only the strong will survive”. In the bottom of the filter you will find the X-Men Apocalypse movie logo with a date below the logo. The date reads May 27th which is the day that the movie will be released.

How to get the filter

To get this filter you will first have to make sure that your mobile device is connected to the internet. Next  you will have to take either a video or picture using the snapchat app. To apply the filter just swipe to either the left or the right until you are presented with the filter. You can either add the snap to your story or send it to your friends.

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