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Snapchat’s growing collection of filters is getting bigger by the day. New cities and towns are getting unique filters to add to their snaps everyday. In this article I will be discussing the snapchat filter that is available in the city of Phoenix, Arizona.

Phoenix, Arizona is located a little bit south of the middle of the state. Phoenix is located close to the southwestern corner of the united states and is the capital city of Arizona. Phoenix is known as the Valley of the Sun and temperatures can really creep up in this city year-round. In addition to this, Phoenix is known for its resorts that give you the real desert-paradise experience. Below you will find a description of the Phoenix, AZ snapchat filter along with an image of it.

Phoenix, Arizona Snapchat Filter Overview

The Phoenix, AZ snapchat filter allows those in or around Phoenix to add this geofilter to their snaps to let their friends know where they are. The Phoenix, Arizona snapchat filter consists of a large logo at the bottom of the screen. The word “Phoenix” is written and underlined at the bottom of the screen in a neon blue color. The word “Phoenix” looks as if it would be representativeĀ of a neon sign in a store or a bar window. In addition to this, behind “Phoenix” a large cactus rests behind the “P” in Phoenix, and it is in a glowing neon green color. This filter is great, very original and representative of the city it is in. If you happen to be in or around Phoenix, Arizona anytime soon, make sure to check out this electric snapchat filter!

Snapchat Filters - Phoenix, Arizona Snapchat Filter

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