Snapchat Filters – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Snapchat Filter

Even though most capital cities have snapchat filters, snapchat has recently began adding more and more filters to other large cities in each state. In this article, I will discuss the snapchat filter that is available in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Snapchat Filter Overview

Pittsburgh is located in the south west corner of the state. Although not the capital city of Pennsylvania, it is a very large city and many people love it, wether residents or tourists. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is home to the national football league’s (NFL) Pennsylvania team, the Steelers. Pittsburgh is also known for its very snowy and cold winters, with many places in a close distance to ski! Below you will find a description of the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania snapchat filter as well as an image of it.

The Pittsburgh Pennsylvania snapchat filter is very representative of its city. The filter consists of a logo at the bottom of the screen. At the bottom of the screen it reads “Pittsburgh” in all caps. The words are in black however, there is a cube-like background that is a golden-yellow. The filter is very representative of the Pittsburgh Steelers football team. The football team is black and gold, so it is fitting that these are the colors on the filter as well. All in all, this filter is very fitting for its city, and will look awesome on any picture you could take! If you are in or around Pittsburgh make sure to check out this awesome filter!

Snapchat Filters - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Snapchat Filter

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