Snapchat Filters – Prom 2016 Dance Cam Prom Squad Snapchat Filter

Snapchat filters are created for a number of different events and holidays. And considering that it is prom season in the United States, we could have all guessed that there would be some prom themed snapchat filters and stories. The first prom themed snapchat lens was sponsored by Mens Warehouse on national promposal day.

Snapchat also provides snapchat users with some prom snapchat filters on the day of the big event. Snapchat releases three prom themed snapchat lenses for snapchat users to apply to snaps during their prom night. There is even a prom live story for snapchat users to send their snaps to to create a compilation of hundreds of snaps from people all over. Below you will find a description of the Dance cam and prom squad snapchat filters along with an image of the filters.

Prom 2016 Dance Cam Prom Squad Snapchat Filter Overview

The prom 2016 dance cam prom squad snapchat filters allow snapchat users to apply a filter to snaps that are taken on prom night. The first prom snapchat is the dance cam snapchat filter. This filter makes the screen look like a cam recorder and also has a adds an animated logo in the bottom of the filter that reads “dance cam” At the top of the filter there is also a disco ball with confetti.

dance cam prom 2016 snapchat filter

The other snapchat filter available on prom night is the prom squad snapchat filter. This filter will be used by people who are taking snaps with their prom group before, during and after prom. The prom squad snapchat filter consists of a white cartoon limo at the bottom of the screen with the words “Prom Squad” on the side of the vehicle.

prom squad 2016 snapchat filter

All of  these filters will be used by snapchat users all around the country as they attend their school prom.

Happy Snapping!

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