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 prom national promposal day snapchat filter  
Today, March 11th, is national Promposal day in the United States. This is a huge event in many high school students lives. To mark the day, snapchat and men’s warehouse colabarated to create a sponsored snapchat filter. The filter pays homage to promposals by asking the big question in a simple way. This filter will be used a lot today both sarcastically and maybe even seriously. I would not recommend asking someone to prom with this filter, but you do you. Below you will find a description of the national prom day snapchat filter by men’s warehouse.

National Promposal Day Snapchat Filter Overview 

The national Promposal day snapchat filter is a celebration of the classic American tradition the Promposal. The filter starts off with the big question right at the top in blocky colorful font. The font reads “prom?” Below the question there is some small white text with two boxes that reads yes and no. This is where the recipient of the Promposal would answer. In the bottom left hand corner of the filter there is a torn piece of paper that reads “national Promposal day”in handwritten font. On the same piece of torn paper is a sketch of three yellow stars, a limosene, and a bow tie. Also on the piece of paper is the date in the same handwritten font. To the right of the piece of paper is the men’s warehouse logo. Men’s warehouse sponsored the filter. 

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