Snapchat Filters – Safe Internet Day Snapchat Filter 

 Today is safe Internet day. This day is dedicated to promoting safe use of the Internet. Saftey on the Internet has proved to be a problem for younger kids. Parents can protect their kids by monitoring their Internet usage to make sure they aren’t doing anything dangerous. Social media also poses a threat. Cyber bullying is a serious problem in today’s society. It is important to be safe when posting on any social media. It is also important to avoid posting sensitive information online such as credit cards or social security numbers.

Safe Internet Day Snapchat Filter Overview 

The safe Internet day filter on snapchat is very cluttered. There are a number of random items in the bottom of the filter. There are a number of snapchat ghosts all doing different activities related to the Internet. One ghost is using a computer mouse, one ghost is using a selfie stick, another has a wifi symbol above his head. Two ghosts are using snapchat on their phone. One of the ghosts using snapcjat is thinking about a lock which represents safety online. In addition to the ghosts there are some balloons, some rainbows, and some rainbow cats. There is also some text that is connected by white lines which reads “Internet safety day.” The white lines represent the connections that are made when using the Internet. Below that text there is some more text in a different font. This text is a URL that will take you to an informational page about using snapchat safely.

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Happy snapping!