Snapchat Filters – Sloth Daylight Savings Reminder Snapchat Filter

On the morning of Sunday, March 13th, everyone in the united states should have turned their clocks forward an hour. By doing so an hour of sleep would have been lost. Some people may have decided to ignore the fact that their clocks should have been turned forward. Luckily snapchat created a filter as a little reminder that you should turn your clocks back. Below you will find a description of this filter as well as a picture of the filter.

Sloth Daylight Savings Reminder Snapchat Filter Overview

The sloth daylight savings reminder snapchat filter is very similar to the spring forward snapchat filter  with only a few differences. The obvious difference between the two filters is the contents of the text box. The sloth reminder filter has a green text box in the upper left hand corner that has white font. The font reads “a daylight saving reminder from a friendly sloth. In the bottom left hand corner of the filter there is a green and gray clock that has the hours 2 through 3 highlighted green. This shows the hour that was skipped last night. There is also a branch that apears to be extending from the clock. Hanging from the branch there is a brown sloth with a speech bubble coming from his mouth. The speech bubble reads “hope you remembered to set your clock 1 hour ahead.”

Snapchat Filters - Sloth Daylight Savings Reminder Snapchat Filter

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