Snapchat Filters – Sloth With Rainbow Lollipop Snapchat Filter

Snapchat Filters are available in different locations. Some of the most popular snapchat lenses are only available in certain locations such as the sloth with rainbow lollipop filter.

What is The Sloth With Rainbow Lollipop Snapchat Filter?

The sloth with rainbow lollipop snapchat filter is available at the university of south carolina. I am not sure what the occasion of this filter is, but it is quite interesting. It is completely random and is being used on a number of snaps. I’m not sure if the sloth with rainbow snapchat filter is avialable anywhere else, but if it is feel free to comment below where else you have seen it.

Snapchat Lenses - Sloth With Rainbow Lollypop

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43 thoughts on “Snapchat Filters – Sloth With Rainbow Lollipop Snapchat Filter”

  1. i think its everywhere cause I have it in Kenya and I have seen people use it in other places like Spain, Germany and The Netherlands

  2. It’s everywhere! So in the end, what does it really mean? Seems very random and I can’t think of any special occasion…

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