Snapchat Filters – Snap Me Valentines Day Snapchat Filter 

Today is Valentine’s Day and snaochat is celebrating by releasing a few new filters for users to apply to their snaps. The first filter released was the be my galentine filter that was released yesterday. Today the filter is a collection of words that relate to Valentine’s Day. This filter will be used heavily throughout Valentine’s Day by people all over the world. Below you will find an overview of the filter and how you can apply it to your snapchat posts.

Snapchat Filters – Snap Me Valentines Day Snapchat Filter Overview

The snap me Valentine’s Day snapchat filter is going to be a great addition to any snaps that you send this Valentine’s Day. This filter consists of a number of heart shaped candies with short but sweet sayings on them. The candies resemble the sweetheart candies that you receive on Valentine’s Day. The sayings range from the classic “kiss me” to “bae” to “snap me.” The candies start at the top left of the filter and appear to be tumbling down the left side of the filter to the bottom. The candies differ in size and color as they make their way down the filter. This filter will receive heavy traffic and may even replace physical cards this Valentine’s Day.

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