Snapchat Filters – Spring Forward Snapchat Filter

Snapchat Filters - Spring Forward Snapchat Filter It is that time of year again! Spring is right around the corner and its time to move the clocks forward one hour. Although everyone will technically loose one hour of sleep, this means that winter is nearing its end and spring will take its place. We have to spring the clocks forward because of daylight savings. Daylight savings was created to move an hour of sunlight from the early morning to the evening. This way, people would not sleep through the daylight and would be more likely to use the daylight. This allows more people to spend money because they will be out later in the evenings spending money at businesses. Below you will find a description of the spring forward snapchat filter.

Spring Forward Snapchat Filter Overview

The spring forward snapchat filter was released on Saturday March 12th. This lens allows people to add a little reminder that they will need to set their clocks an hour forward at 2 am Sunday morning. The spring forward snapchat filter consists of a clock in the bottom left hand corner of the filter. The clock has a gray face with dark gray numbers and hands. The area between the two and the three is shaded yellow and has a small gray arrow that shows that you will be springing past that hour. The clock also has a vivid blue rim that is the same color as the textbox next to the clock. This textbox reads “Spring Forward!” in white font. Below this textbox there is a gray text box with black text that reads “Don’t forget to set your clock 1 hour ahead at 2 am!” This is just a reminder that you will need to set your clocks forward either before you go to bed or after you wake up in the morning.

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