Snapchat Filters – The Six Flags Valencia, California Snapchat Filter

Snapchat realeases new filters daily, adding more and more options for people to tell their friends where they are. Many tourist attraction areas and famous cities are now getting these geofilters. In this article, I will discuss the snapchat filter that’s available in the Six Flags Location in Valencia, California.

Valencia, California is also known as Santa Clarita, California and is located in the county of Los Angeles. Even though technically outside the city limits, the Six Flags Magic Mountain it is still considered in Valencia. This makes Valencia, CA a popular tourist area. Most of Valencia’s residential homes are inside what they call villages where there are homes and shops. Below you will find a description of the Six Flags Valencia, California snapchat filter and an image of it.

The Six Flags Valencia, California Snapchat Filter Overview

The Valencia, California snapchat filter consists of a large logo at the bottom of the screen. This snapchat filter looks very unique and fit for its location. There is a rollercoaster outlining the top of each of the letters of “Valencia.” Valencia is spelled out in capital letters underneath the arc’s of the rollercoaster. On the right side there is a tower in red with an american flag on the top. This filter is to represent the Six Flags Amusement park located in Valencia. The colors present are representative of the Six Flags Park located there as well. Also in the filter, there is a rollercoaster train riding in the tracks around the rollercoaster.

Snapchat Filters - The Six Flags Valencia, California Snapchat Filter

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