Snapchat Filters – Union Square, New York City Snapchat Filter

Snapchat has been releasing many new filters for snappers to share where they are. Now, filters have been getting even more precise in location. In this article, I will discuss the snapchat filter that is available in Union Square in New York City, New York.

Union Square is located in the southern most part of New York City, New York. It is  located in between the Flatiron district and Greenwich Village. Union Square is a very famous landmark in Manhattan, New York and has been visited by hundreds of tourists over the years. Union Square is also home to Union Square Park. However, it is most know for being an intersection which brings together two important roads in NYC. Union Square links together Broadway and Park Avenue South to Fourth Avenue. Below you will find a description of the Union Square snapchat filter along with an image of it.

Union Square, New York City Snapchat Filter Overview

The Union Square snapchat filter is a very unique and well done design. The filter consists of a large logo on the bottom left part of the screen. First, on top, there is the word “union” written in a bright red in all caps. Directly underneath this is “squ” also written in all caps, in a light blue. Directly underneath that is “are” written, again in all caps in a light blue color. The words come together to say “Union Square” and are put together to look like a square. There is an outline of a square overlaying the letters, in a light gray color. This filter looks amazing on any picture you could take and is great for letting your friends know you are at this historical location. If you are ever in or around Union Square, make sure to add this filter to your snaps!

Snapchat Filters - Union Square, New York City Snapchat Filter

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