Snapchat Filters – Update-able Democratic and Republican Snapchat Filter

Snapchat recently released a pair of snapchat filters for both the democratic and republican primary elections for the presidential candidates. The cool thing about these filters is that users can update them as the votes came in. I believe that the same style of filter will be released during every primary election. These filters include the time of day in the upper right hand corner as well as a list of the candidates below with a percentage next to their name. The candidates at the top have received more votes than the candidates toward the bottom of the filter. Their rank is to the left of the candidates name. Above the list you will find the animal representation of the respective party the filter is representing as well as the state that the primary is occurring in. To the right of the animal is the precentage of votes that are in. Below you will find an image of each filter along with a description of the filter.

Republican Primary Snapchat Filter 

Republican Primary Snapchat Filter

The Republican Primary Snapchat Filter has a red color scheme that consists of a list of the candidates. The list is in order of who has the largest percentage of votes. You will find the list in the bottom of the filter and it takes up the entire bottom half of the filter. In the top left hand corner of the filter you will find the time that the states were taken. Above the list of the and to the left you will find a red elephant along with the state the vote is being held in as well as the words “Republican Primary.” These words are in red text. In the example to the right you will see that the candidates are Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, John Kasich, and Jeb Bush. However, Jeb Bush has recently dropped out and will no longer be a part of the snapchat filter.

Democratic Primary Snapchat Filter

Democratic Primary Snapchat FIlterThe Democratic Primary snapchat filter has a blue color scheme that is respective to the democratic party. The filter consists of a list of the Democratic candidates that are running to represent the Democratic party in the presidential election. For the Democratic party the list only contains two candidates: Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders. With only two candidates this list only takes up the bottom fourth of the filter. Above the list is a blue donkey. To the right of the donkey is the state that the primary is being held in (white text) and the words “Democratic Caucuses” in blue text. To the right of the text is another percentage that shows users what percentage of votes are in from that state. These filters will likely make an appearance during the next round of voting.

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