Snapchat Filters – Waiting For Groundhog Day Like Snapchat Filter

Snapchat Filters - Waiting For Groundhog Day Like Snapchat FilterToday, February second, is groundhog day in the United States. On groundhog day a groundhog in Pennsylvania determines whether spring will come earlier than normal, or later than normal. This is determined by whether or not the groundhog is scared by his shadow. In 2016 it looks like spring will be coming early. Even if you don’t believe in all this groundhog superstition it is still a fun little holiday to celebrate. This year snapchat released a filter for snapchat users to use on groundhog day. Below you will find a description of the filter, as well as instructions on how to get the filter.

Waiting For Groundhog Day Like Snapchat Filter Overview

The groundhog day snapchat filter consists of a number of groundhogs all in different poses. One of the groundhogs is diving into his burrow while another is peeking out of his hole. There is a groundhog peeking around the corner of the filter and a few waving. One is even wearing a top hat. Above one of the little fuzzy friends is some thin white text that reads “hi”. All around the groundhogs are pink and yellow flowers. At the very top of the filter there is a thin pink banner that is waving. The banner reads “waiting for groundhog day like…”

How to Get The Waiting For Groundhog Day Like Snapchat Filter

In order to get the groundhog day snapchat filter you will need to have internet connection and the snapchat app. Next you will just take a picture or video using the snapchat app. After you’ve either taken the picture or video, you will want to swipe either to the left or right until you get to the filter. After the filter is applied you may either add another filter, draw on the snap, add emojis, or just send it with the one filter applied.

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Happy Snapping!