Snapchat Filters – Walt Disney World Snapchat Filters

Snapchat Filters – Walt Disney World Snapchat Filters

Snapchat filters are very common now. Almost every major city in the united states has multiple filters for its citizen snapchat users to use while out and about. Some businesses even pay snapchat to promote their brand on snapchat. Some just create snapchat filters for fun. That is exactly what Walt Disney World did.

When you think theme park you more than likely think Disney World. Walt Disney World is the most famous amusement park in the world. Disney World is more than just a theme park. Disney world is four theme parks on one property that also contains a number of resorts and hotels. Hotels range from your typical hotel feel to a five star resort feel. The four theme parks all contain different attractions and each give visitors a completely different feel.  The four parks are the Magic Kingdom, The Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios. The Magic Kingdom is the main park and contains a number of different sections based on the theme of the section. The sections of the magic kingdom are as follows: Adventure Land, Frontier Land, Main Street, Tomorrow Land, Fantasy Land, and Liberty Square. The Animal Kingdom is a theme park that is more of a zoo theme. Animal Kingdom contains a number of animals as well as some shows based on lion king and a bugs life. Epcot was originally designed to be a template for a futuristic city. Now it is a celebration of human history and culture. In Epcot you will find a number of mini countries where you can learn about other cultures and try food from each respective country. In Hollywood Studios you will get a look into how some of the greatest Hollywood effects are created. Each of these parks has created their own snapchat filters. Some parks such as the Magic Kingdom have multiple snapchat filters that visitors can add to their snaps. In this article I will discuss the snapchat filters at Walt Disney World as well as why they are a good idea from the standpoint of marketing.

Snapchat Filters at Walt Disney World 

Walt Disney World has been around for decades and everyone knows the name and the brand. The massive theme park is based off of the many movies created by the the Disney brand. The theme park has invested in creating snapchat geo filters for visitors to the four parks to use. Each park has its own snapchat geo filter. The Magic Kingdom has many filters, one for each of its regions. Before we discuss the specific snapchat filters that you can find at the Walt Disney World parks, lets go over why these snapchat filters are a genius idea for Walt Disney World from a marketing standpoint.

Snapchat filters have been used for marketing by numerous brands. Using sponsored snapchat filters has been a marketing technique used by brads such as Vans, Samsung, and some movies. Although I don’t think these filters are sponsored by Walt Disney World, they are definitely benefiting from them. When visitors to Disney World use one of the Disney World snapchat filters, they are adding the filter to a snap that will be sent to someone or added to their snapchat story. When they send the snap featuring a Disney World snapchat filter, they are not only sharing the fact that they are at Disney World, they are also sending a mini advertisement for Disney World to whoever the snap is being seen by. Then the person who saw the snap is more inclined to want to visit Disney World. All because of snapchat filters. Below you will find descriptions of snapchat filters from all four Disney World parks.

Disney World Snapchat Filters – Magic Kingdom Snapchat Filters

Disney World Snapchat Filters - Magic Kingdom Snapchat Filters

The Magic Kingdom is the most popular of the four parks at Walt Disney World. The Magic Kingdom is divided up into different sections, each section with its own name and snapchat filter. This allows snapchat users to use a snapchat filter for whichever specific region of the magic kingdom they are in. There is a snapchat filter for Tomorrow Land, Frontier Land, Fantasy Land, Adventure Land, Main Street USA, and Liberty Square. There is also a filter that covers all of the Magic Kingdom. The Magic Kingdom filter is available anywhere in the park. You can also find a fireworks snapchat filter when you are near Cinderella’s castle in the Magic Kingdom.

Disney World Snapchat Filters – Animal Kingdom Snapchat Filters 

Disney World Snapchat Filters - Animal Kingdom Snapchat Filters

The Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World is based off of animals and the animal themed movies produced by Disney. There is a snapchat Filter for visitors at Animal Kingdom to use when they visit. There are also sometimes a few different snapchat filters for some of the rides. I know that the ride Expedition Everest at one point had a snapchat filter created to celebrate its anniversary. So if you are in the Animal Kingdom keep your eyes peeled for some of the extra geo filters scattered throughout the parks at Disney World.

Disney World Snapchat Filters – Epcot Snapchat Filter 

Disney World Snapchat Filters - Epcot Snapchat Filter

Epcot was originally created to be a futuristic city themed park. Now technology has surpassed the technology displayed in the park. Now Epcot is a celebration of human culture all around the world. There is also a space themed ride called mission to mars. The mission to mars ride is the inspiration for the snapchat filters that can be found at Epcot. I predict that in the near future there will be a snapchat geo filter for each of the mini countries within Epcot. That would be a really fun addition to the snapchat filter collection at Disney World.

Disney World Snapchat Filters – Hollywood Studios Snapchat Filter 

Disney World Snapchat Filters - Hollywood Studios Snapchat Filter

Disney’s Hollywood Studio park is a celebration of all the effects used in Hollywood productions. There are a number of shows, demonstrations and even rides. The highlight of the rides are the two thrill rides, tower of terror and rocking roller coaster. There is a snapchat filter avialable for use by snapchat users while visiting Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World. Be on the look out for other geo filters other than the hollywood studios snapchat filter while visiting this park.

Finding all of the different snapchat filters around Walt Disney World can be a little challenging and could be turned into a scavenger hunt of sorts. Try to challenge your friends and family who you are visiting with and see who can find the most snapchat filters around Disney World.

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