Snapchat Filters – Wendy’s Yum Four For Four New Years Filter

Snapchat Filters - Wendy's Yum Four For Four New Years FilterSnapchat Filters – Wendy’s Yum Four For Four New Years Filter

Another Snapchat filter was released late on December 29th. This filter is yet another sponsored filter that earned Snapchat some money as we head into the new year. I doubt this will be the last Sponsored filter of 2015 but it is going to be one of the last for sure. This sponsored filter is a promotion for the fast food chain Wendy’s. Just thinking about this filter is making my stomach rumble so lets go ahead and get into the overview of the filter.

Wendy’s Yum Four For Four New Years Filter Overview

The Wendy’s yum four for four new years filter is kind of a mouth full, no pun intended. This filter has multiple different parts that promote both the Wendy’s chain and the coming of a new year. First of all lets discuss the parts of the filter. This filter is different than most other Snapchat filters. This filter covers the entire left side of the frame. Starting with the background of the filter you will find a number of red and blue circles as well as small white 4’s. In front of the background you will find the Wendy’s logo in the bottom left corner. Above the logo there is a drink with a smiling face on the side with a straw wearing a blue New Years hat. Above the drink there are some french fries with a face that are blowing a New Years horn. Above the fries there is a bacon cheeseburger, who is also smiling,  wearing a birthday cone hat. Last but not least, above the cheeseburger there is a four piece nugget wearing a bow tie. All of these characters are just having a great time celebrating the New Year.

What do the 4s Mean on the Wendy’s Snapchat FIlter?

All of the characters in the Wendy’s Snapchat filter represent an item that is included in Wendy’s four for four value menu. The combo includes a small drink, a bacon cheeseburger, a small fry, and a four piece nugget. It is actually a great deal. After writing this I may just go get one for myself. This is just another example of how powerful the sponsored Snapchat filters really are.

Happy Snapping!