Snapchat Filters – What a Superb Owl Party Deadpool Filter On Snapchat

Snapchat Filters - What a Superb Owl Party Deadpool Filter On Snapchat After a first Deadpool filter was released on February seventh 2016, another filter promoting the release of the new Deadpool movie was made available on the snapchat app. This filter uses another pun that references the fact that Superbowl parties will be going on all around the country. This filter is brilliant because it will be used by not only fans of Deadpool, but also anyone who is at a super bowl party and appreciates a good pun. When the filter is sent to someone it introduces the person to Deadpool if they do not already know about it. Deadpool is a very sarcastic witty character in the movie so this filter really helps people get to know what to expect in the movie.

What a Superb Owl Party Deadpool Filter Overview

The Superb Owl Party snapchat filter consists of a white background fading into a transparent background where the image or video the filter is applied to will show through. In the left is Deadpool with his arms outstretched looking toward the sky. On top of his head there is an owl which relates to the pun that is also a part of the filter. In bold black text above Deadpool’s arm is the pun. It reads “What a Superb Owl Party”. This is relevant to snapchat users because many of them will likely be attending super bowl parties tonight and the clever pun may entice them to use the filter and send it to friends. Below Deadpool’s arm is the movie logo in red that reads “Deadpool” below the red text is some smaller white text that reads “This Friday”. The movie will release this Friday and will likely be extremely popular with Marvel fans.

How to Get the Deadpool Superb Owl Party Snapchat Filter

To get this unique snapchat filter you will simply take a picture or video then swipe to either the left or right until you see the filter. Once you apply the filter you have the option to draw on the snap, or even add another filter. You must be sure that you have an internet connection before you try to use the filter. If you don’t have internet connection the filter will not be visible.

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