Snapchat Filters – What is The Beatles Join The Club Filter?

Snapchat Filter - What is the Beetles Join The Club Filter On the morning of December 26th 2015 snappers found a new sponsored filter featuring the Beatles. This is a sponsored filter promoting the beetles being on Spotify. This occurred last night and beetles fans couldn’t be happier. The Beetles were also recently added to listen to for free on Google Play Music. This filter was the first of a few different filters that were Beatles themed. Check them Out by clicking HERE

The Beatles Snapchat Filter Description

The Baetles filter on Snapchat is pretty cool in the way that it allows you to join the band on the filter. In the center of the filter there is a transparent white rectangle with text in the inside corners. The top right of the interior of the rectangle has the Spotify logo. The top right of the interior has the Beetles logo. Along the bottom interior there are three words: “Join the Club”. On the top and bottom of the transparent filter there are photographs of the band members. Of course in black and white. There are two band members on the top of the transparent rectangle as well as the bottom of the rectangle.

How to Get the Beetles Join The Club Filter

To get the Beatles filter, just take a photo with the Snapchat app, and swipe to the left until you see the filter. I have found that This filter looks great when you combine it with the black and white filter. This is because your face will be in black and white just like the images of the band members in the corners of the filter. That is the whole goal of the filter in the first place. To make you look like you are in the filter with the band.

How to Combine The Black and White Filter With the Beetles Filter 

The process of combining filters on Snapchat is just a little sneaky. To combine filters you will need to first swipe over to either the Beatles filter or the black and white filter. Next you will hold one finger on the bottom left hand side of the screen; this will lock whichever filter you have already applied while you swipe to another filter. Once you swipe to the second filter, either the black and white or the Beatles, you can release your finger and add the snap to your story.

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