Snapchat Filters – What is The Joy Filter on Snapchat?

Snapchat Filters- What is The Joy Filter on Snapchat Some of you may have noticed another filter available this Christmas. The filter is very simple just a few words and some snow falling in front of the image. Some may wonder what this filter is for; what is the occasion?  Below you will find information about the aesthetic features of the filter as well as some basic information about what the filter is promoting.

What is The Joy Filter on Snapchat?

The Joy filter on Snapchat is for promotional purposes. It is a promotion for a movie that was released Christmas day 2015. The filter consists of a snowy background with blue text that reads “JOY is…” at the top of the filter and blue and white text “JOY in theaters today” in the bottom left corner of the filter. Above the text in the bottom left hand corner of the filter there is a silhouette of a Christmas tree topped with a white star and covered in blue and white ornaments. It blends in pretty well with the snowy background and doesn’t pop very much.

How To Apply this Filter

The Joy Snapchat filter is applied fastest by swiping to the left once after you have taken a picture. When you are looking at the preview of the filter you will see the words sponsored temporarily located above the share button. This is just to show you that this filter is an advertisement for something and you will find that it disappears after a few seconds. The word “sponsored will not appear in your snap once it is posted or sent. I have found that combining this filter with the black and white filter is pretty appealing. The black and white goes well with the primarily white filter.

About The Movie Joy

Like Stated earlier this filter’s purpose was to promote the movie Joy. This movie features Jennifer Lawrence, and Bradley Cooper. The basic plot of the movie is a family of four generations and the woman who rises to become the founder of a family business dynasty. The movie looks quite interesting. The genre is a biography drama. For more information about the movie CLICK HERE