Snapchat Ice Skating Live Story – Where Are They Skating?

Snapchat Ice Skating Live Story - Where Are They Skating?Snapchat Ice Skating Live Story – Where Are They Skating?

On December 27th 2015 a live Snapchat story was streaming on the Snapchat story page. The story is full of people ice skating in different locations around the world. The first segment of the story features a figure skater twirling with the white text in the forground that reads: “Lace up your skates to feel the thrills – and maybe take a few spills – on ice rinks around the world.” The rest of the story is people doing just that. There is a little bit of everything in this story. Some people spinning, falling, proposing, singing; all of it going down on the ice. There are filters on all of the snaps that feature cute little animals and plants skating around. There are also some fun facts that give the history of the zamboni and how to preform a basic stop on ice skates. Below you will find a little description on where people are skating on the Snapchat ice skating live story.

Snapchat Ice Skating Dubai, UAE 

The first location that people are skating at is in Dubai. Dubai is one of the richest cities in the world and offers plenty of ice skating rinks for skaters to choose from. Dubai also has the only indoor skiing slopes in the world. In the story there is an overhead view of a massive indoor rink in one segment, and another segment of a pref romance on ice featuring a man spinning a cube that is lit up. These skaters were skating at the Dubai Skating rink which is an Olympic sized rink inside of the Dubai mall.

Snapchat Ice Skating Paris, France 

I was most impressed by the skating in Paris, France. Skaters in France had the opportunity to skate beneath one of the worlds most iconic structures; the Eiffel Tower. In the story skaters are circling a small replica of the Eiffel Tower. The rink is lit in different shades of pink, purple and blue. The rink also provides chairs for kids to be pushed around on the ice. This rink is part of the Eiffel tower and is 57 meters above the city. This would be an amazing skating atmosphere.

Snapchat Ice Skating Budapest, Hungary 

The skating being done in Hungary is not the most professional. In the story you will find a skater who almost has a nasty fall onto the ice. In the segment he used some bold white text that says “I got this”. He is obviously being sarcastic however because he uses the worried face emoji. The other skaters from Hungary are much more in control and wave hello to the camera. The skating in Hungary was being done on one of the many outdoor skating rinks in the country.

Snapchat Ice Skating New York City, USA

In New York City there are two major options if you want to skate outdoors. The Rockefeller Center, which houses one of the largest real Christmas trees you will ever see, is the more popular of the two. The other is located in central park. In the story you will see plenty of people skating. Whether they be on the ice or not. One segment is filmed by soon to be skaters pretending to skate on the concrete while they wait in line. There is also some footage of a zamboni resurfacing the ice at one of the rinks. Snapchat Ice Skating Live Story - Where Are They Skating?

Snapchat Ice Skating Chicago, USA
The last stop for this story was Millennium Park in Chicago Illinois. Here skaters get to skate next to a architectural masterpiece outdoors.  The skaters in this location range anywhere from a group of people in their thirties that are comfortable spinning to film a 360 degree video of the rink, to a woman just learning to do a T-stop. The filter also includes a description of the T-stop and how it is supposed to be preformed. Snapchat Ice Skating Live Story - Where Are They Skating?


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