Snapchat Indroduces Hip Hop Spotlight to The Dicscover Page

Snapchat Indroduces Hip Hop Spotlight to The Dicscover PageSnapchat Introduces Hip-Hop Spotlight to The Discover Page

Snapchat has had the discover page set up for quite a while now. It started off as a few big brands and websites that would promote articles or just post fun little videos. Over night on 12/26/15 however, Snapchat added a discover feed that was not created by a specific brand. It is called the “Hip-Hop Spotlight”. The difference between this feed and other discover feeds is that there is no brand associated with the content. It is just a simple hip hop logo. In this article we will discuss the different features of the first edition of this feed as well as discuss future applications of this feed.

What is Hip Hop Spotlight on Snapchat? 

Snapchat Indroduces Hip Hop Spotlight to The Dicscover PageThe hip hop spotlight on Snapchat is a collection of media from different hip hop artists. The media ranges from cartoons, articles, song snippets, behind the scenes looks, videos. This resource will become extremely popular with the younger demographic. This is great for Snapchat because that is exactly who uses Snapchat most. I am sure that Snapchat strategically chose the genre of hip hop.

The first edition of hip hop spotlight started off with a neat little intro featuring Fetty Wap. The next portion was a cartoon version of Drake turning things into gold. The next slide was an article discussing Drake’s rise from the target of memes across the internet to the superstar he is today. The third slide was titled “Top Tracks You May Have Missed”. This was the first of two slides featured in this edition of hip hop spotlight and featured Mac Miller discussing his song “Weekend”. This edition also featured holiday greetings from Two Chains, Rae Sremmurd and G Easy. Fetty Wap was the topic of two consecutive slides. One being a behind the scenes look at his performance, the other being some stats about the star. These were just some of the features of the first edition. We will see where this feed goes and how long it lasts.

Snapchat Indroduces Hip Hop Spotlight to The Dicscover PageWhat Are Some Applications of The Hip Hop Spotlight?

The Hip Hop Spotlight was a genius move by Snapchat. They targeted their young demographic and will have the ability to sell advertising as well as charge artists to promote songs. I believe that this feed will become one of the most, if not the most, popular feed on the discover page. The younger demographic is just so transfixed with hip hop, I don’t see how this feed could fail.

If you are a fan of hip-hop check out the hip hop spotlight for yourself and let me know what you think of it. I am interested to know what the rest of the Snapchat community thinks of this addition.

Happy Snapping!


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