Snapchat Lenses – Alien Shaped Head In Space With Galaxy Snapchat Lens

Snapchat Lenses - Alien Shaped Head In Space Snapchat LensOn February 24th 2016, snapchat updated the list of snapchat lenses avialable to snapchat users. One of these new lenses is the alien shaped head in space snapchat lens. This lens plays off of the recent obsession with aliens and space on social media. A while back there were a number of videos portraying a toy alien doing things that normal people would do. These videos went viral and continue to entertain viewers of the videos today. In this article I will be discussing the effect created by this lens as well as how to apply the alien lens to your selfies.

 Alien Shaped Head In Space With Galaxy Snapchat Lens Overview

The alien head snapchat lens allows you to turn yourself into an alien. The lens works by warping the shape of your head and adding some animations around the border of the screen. This lens is not one that can be activated. This means that the filter has no hidden surprises when you open your mouth or raise your eyebrows. The lens makes your chin and mouth appear smaller than normal while blowing your forehead and eyes out of proportion. This creates the effect of an alien head. Below your head there will be an animation of a swirling galaxy. Your head will be surrounded by stars and blue tint that creates the effect that your alien head is in space.

How to Get The Alien Head Snapchat Lens

To apply the alien head snapchat lens you need to be sure that you have an internet connection. Next you will need to hold down on the screen with either your finger or thumb. Once snapchat has scanned your face you will see a variety of lens options appear along the bottom of the screen. You will want to tap the one that is pink and purple and looks like an alien head. This will apply the lens to your face.

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