Snapchat Lenses – Batman Vs. Superman Sponsored Geolens

Snapchat released some new lens today, one of the most popular being the Batman Vs. Superman lens.  Snapchat lenses allow you to spice up your snapchat selfies, making them more in-tune with whats going on in the world today, or to fit your current mood. Below there will be a description of one of Snapchat’s newest lens, the Batman Vs. Superman snapchat geolens.

Batman Vs. Superman is one of the most anticipated movie releases of the year. We have seen numerous movies about superman and batman individually, now we get to see them square off against one another. The movie was released sometime last week. To help advertise the movie, the producers of the movie paid for a sponsored snapchat geolens. The batman vs. superman snapchat geolens is available across the country to select snapchat users. The lens allows snapchat users to wear a crown and add some other cool effects to their snapchat selfies. Below you will find a description of the lens as well as an example of a snap using the lens.

Batman Vs. Superman Sponsored Geolens Overview

The batman vs superman snapchat lens was created so that snapchat users can use the lens to turn themselves into a character from the movie. At the same time, the lens advertises for the movie. The lens consists of a gold headband that covers the snapchat user’s forehead. At the bottom of the lens has the logo for the batman vs superman movie. This lens can be activated by opening you mouth. Once activated, sparks will fly around on the lens and the crown will glow orange.

Snapchat Lenses - Batman Vs. Superman Sponsored Geolens

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