Snapchat Lenses – Big Forehead Snapchat Lens 

 Snapchat lenses allow snapchat users to morph the shape of their head. There are a number of different lenses that do this. Some make you look like an alien while some make you look like a troll.

More and more sbapchat lenses are released every day. Some turn you into a monster by adding animations, and some morph your face into different shapes without adding any animations. One of the snapchat lenses that morph your face is the big forehead snapchat lens. This lens allows snappers to enlarge their forehead and shrink their face. Below you will find a description of the bi forehead snapchat lens along with a picture of the lens applied. 

Big Forehead Snapchat Lens Overview

The big forehead snapchat lens morphs your face so that your forehead is much larger than normal. This lens cannot be activated which means that there are no hidden surprises. This lens starts by elongating your head from your eyebrows to the top of your head. The lens also shortens your face from your eyebrows to your chin. This makes the forehead look even larger. This lens can be used to make some funny selfies. 
big forehead snapchat lens  
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