Snapchat Lenses – Bull Snapchat Lens

Snapchat Lenses - Bull Snapchat LensSnapchat lenses are extremely helpful when you are dying of boredom or avoiding work that should be getting done. Snapchat lenses allow snapchat users to add animations to their selfies. Some lenses even add extra effects when you either raise your eyebrows or open your mouth. This is called activating the lens. If the lens can be activated you will see a prompt that appears for a second or two that will instruct you on how to activate the lens. One of the snapchat lenses that can be activated is the bull snapchat lens. This lens allows users to turn themselves into an angry bull.

Bull Snapchat Lens Overview

The snapchat bull lens is similar to the dog snapchat lens but with a few more features. Before being activated the lens turns your face a shade of orange a little bit darker than the fruit. The lens also changes the color of your eyes red which adds the effect of an enraged bull. The lens also puts a black or dark brown bull nose over your nose with a brass ring in it. There are also a pair of horns that attach to your head around your temples. All of these features follow your head movements pretty well. The movement of the horns creates a three dimensional effect. To activate this filter you simply open your mouth. Once activated, white steam/ smoke will shoot from the bull nose and a bull noise will scream out if you have the sound on. This is one of the better lenses that snapchat has released. Give it a try for yourself and have some fun with it.

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Happy Snapping!