Snapchat Lenses – Business Minded Geolenses Make Their Debut on Snapchat

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Snapchat lenses have undergone some changes recently. One of these changes involves the removal of lenses that users had to purchase. Some snapchat experts thought that this was the precursor to an up and coming major update. The experts’ suspicions were incorrect. It has been three weeks since the lenses were removed and we have yet to see a major update. The other change to the snapchat lenses was the addition of sponsored geolenses. These lenses are similar to the regular lenses in the light that they have the same basic functions; however, they are a promotional tool purchased by companies to get their brand under the spotlight of one of the most popular social media platforms currently available. So far companies such as Hollister and Skittles have created geolenses but I believe that other businesses that target the younger demographics will begin purchasing sponsored geolenses in the near future.

Geolenses are a much cooler version of geo filters. Geolenses allow snapchat users to make more faces and add cool animations to their selfies. The idea behind the use of geolenses is genius. Brands can pay snapchat to create a geolense that puts their brand under the eyes of millions of potential customers. Sponsored geolenses are only available for a limited time so it will be important for you to get your fix before the filters are removed.

How to Use a Snapchat Geolens on Snapchat 

To apply a sponsored geolense to your selfie you will have to open the snapchat app and open the front facing camera. Next, you will simply hold down your finger or thumb on your face on the screen. This will allow snapchat to know where your face is. Next you will see a geometric shape cover your face on the screen. A number of lens options will become available for you to choose along the bottom of the screen. The first few filters will be the sponsored geolenses. They will be followed by other lenses that will be added and removed as snapchat feels necessary. There are no lenses that are permanent. Eventually every lens will be removed and replaced by a new one. This is great news for those who get bored of the lenses very quickly. To select a lens just scroll to your desired lens then either tap the circle at the bottom to take a picture, or hold the circle button to take a video. You can interact with the filters by following the prompts that appear on the screen. Some react to movement of eyebrows while others react to an open mouth. Check out some Geolenses and let me know what you think of them.

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