Snapchat Lenses – Chevrolet Love At First Sight Chevy Cruze Snapchat Lens

Snapchat filters and lenses have been used for promotion a lot in recent months. Companies big and small use snapchat as a marketing tool. Even movie productions have used snapchat to market the release of movies.

One of the most recent sponsored snapchat geolenses is the 2016 chevy cruze snapchat lens. This lens has a number of features that will catch snapchat users’s attention and introduce them to the new chevy cruze. This filter will be used by chevy fans as well as fans of snapchat lenses. Below you will find a description of the Chevrolet Love at First Sight Chevy Cruze Snapchat Lens as well as an image of the lens applied.

Chevrolet Love At First Sight Chevy Cruze Snapchat Lens Overview

The Cheverolet love at first sight chevy cruze snapchat lens allows snapchat users to show their support for the new 2016 chevy cruze or just use a unique snapchat lens. The lens starts off by adding a pair of rainbow heart shaped sunglasses onto your eyes. The lens also adds the chevy logo at the top of the lens. This lens can be activated by opening your mouth and raising your eyebrows. Once activated, the lens turns a pink shade and hearts appear. In the reflection of the sunglasses you will see the new chevy cruze drive by. Two lines of white text will appear that read “the all new 2016 chevy cruze love at first sight”

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