Snapchat Lenses – Crying Make Up Smear Snapchat Lens

Snapchat Lenses - Crying Make Up Smear Snapchat Lens Snapchat lenses are starting to become so realistic it is almost hard to tell if someone is actually using a snapchat lens on their selfies. The most recent example of one of these realistic snapchat lenses is the crying make up smear snapchat lens. This lens allows snapchat users to make it appear as though they have applied make up and then cried. Causing the make up to smear and drip. This lens would be great for girls wanting to trick their boyfriends into thinking they are upset. This lens would also be great for guys who want to pretend that they are an upset girl. Whatever the reason you want to use this snapchat lens, you can find a description below.

Crying Make Up Smear Snapchat Lens Overview

The crying make up smear snapchat lens is extremely realistic. I am starting to worry that I won’t be able to tell a snapchat lens from a real selfie in the near future. This lens consists of a filter that makes the background as well as your face to appear more vivid, kind of a Polaroid look. The filter also adds some mascara and eye liner to your eyes. Along with the eye liner there is some red lipstick that is applied to your face. Both the eye liner and the lip stick on the snapchat lens are smeared and dripping which makes the effect that you were recently crying or got rained on. The features of this lens are super realistic and follow your movements very well.

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