Snapchat Lenses – Empire Gold Headphones Snapchat Lens

Snapchat lenses have been used by companies and brands to promote their products and services. On March 30th 2016, a lens was released to promote a television show on snapchat. This lens was sponsored by the show empire.

The Empire snapchat lens is a promotion of the show on Fox. This show is about an artist and CEO who has to overcome a number of challenges to remain at the top. The mid season premier of the show Empire will be aired tonight, March 30th at nine o’clock PM. Below you will find a description of the Empire Gold Headphones Snapchat Lens along with an image of the lens applied.

Empire Gold Headphones Snapchat Lens Overview

The Empire Snapchat Lens allows snapchat users across the country to turn themselves into a rapper. The lens applies a few different animations to create the effect and also promotes the release of the mid season premier tonight. The Empire starts off by giving you a pair of Gold headphones that will follow your movements. In the upper right hand corner there is some white text that reads “Empire Tonight 9/8c FOX.” This lens can be activated by opening your mouth and raising your eyebrows. Once activated, a pair of sunglasses will fall over your eyes and a gold microphone will rise up from below. This lens will be fun to record yourself singing on.

Snapchat Lenses - Empire Gold Headphones Snapchat Lens

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