Snapchat Lenses – Extremely Thick Make Up Snapchat Lens

Snapchat Lenses - Extremely Thick Make Up Snapchat Lens In the past, snapchat lenses have added unrealistic features to snapchat users’ faces. However, the lenses are starting to look more and more realistic, and a little creepy. The Extremely Thick Make Up snapchat lens makes anyone look like they have a pile of make up caked onto their face. A lot of people on social media outlets have made the point that this lens makes people look like Doris from the animated movie Shrek. Whatever you think this lens makes you look like, we can all agree that it looks a little creepy when applied to someones face. Below you will find a description of the extremely thick make up snapchat lens.

Extremely Thick Make Up Snapchat Lens Overview

The extremely thick make up snapchat lens is abnormally realistic for a snapchat lens. This lens tracks your facial movements extremely well. This lens consists of a number of different make up components that make up the creepy make up face. There is some dark red lip stick, a mole on the upper right hand corner of your mouth, super thick eye liner, and white powder covering the entire face. All of these components make up a mask of sorts, that moves very accurately with any facial movements you make. If you raise your eyebrows, the eyebrows on the make up face will raise. If you open your mouth, the make up lips will open up just like your mouth. This lens can make a number of different facial expressions. In addition to the make up mask, there is some gold glitter that sparkles at the top of the lens. This makes the effect of a kind of glamour girl or something along those lines. This lens looks great when you take a video and talk in funny voices. Try doing an impression of Doris from Shrek using this lens and send it to your friends.

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