Snapchat Lenses – Gods of Egypt Snapchat Geolens

Snapchat Lenses - Gods of Egypt Snapchat GeolensA new movie will be released tomorrow February 26th. To help market the event, the producers have created a snapchat lens to spread the word about the release. Other movies have used snapchat as a platform for advertising but in the form of snapchat filters. Gods of Egypt created a lens that users can use to turn themselves into an Egyptian god. This lens is a genius marketing maneuver for the production. When this lens is used, the word will be spread by snapchat users. The lens features the movie logo and the release date to help direct potential viewers to the theaters tomorrow.

Gods of Egypt Snapchat Geolens Overview

When this lens is first applied to a snapchat selfie, you will notice a gold tint with waves around your face. In the bottom left hand corner of the lens you will find the movie logo which reads “Gods of Egypt” in godly bold font. Below the gold font is some smaller white font that reads “tomorrow.” Tomorrow meaning that the Gods of Egypt will be released tomorrow. Along the top of the lens you will see some thick cloud cover that is reflecting the gold color below. When the snapchat user activates the geolens (by opening their mouth) their face will suddenly be covered with an ornate gold mask. The mask is a representation of one of the popular Egyptian gods. The mask has light blue glowing eyes. The mask will follow your head movements as long as you don’t turn more than 90 degrees.

How to Get the Gods of Egypt Snapchat Lens

To get the Gods of Egypt snapchat lens you need to be sure that you have an internet connection. Next you will need to open the front facing camera of the snapchat app. Next, hold down on your face with your finger or thumb until snapchat scans your face. Once your face has been scanned you will be able to choose your lens. The Gods of Egypt lens will be the first one; just as all sponsored geolenses are. Just tap the gold bird looking icon at the bottom of your screen.

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