Snapchat Lenses – Hollister California Sponsored Geolens on Snapchat

Snapchat Lenses - Hollister California Sponsored Geolens on Snapchat Sponsored Geolenses are the new big thing on the snapchat mobile app. These lenses are specifically created to promote a business or brand. In this filter’s case the brand being marketed is Hollister California. This brand is very popular with the younger demographic which is a big reason why they targeted snapchat users. Snapchat users tend to be a younger demographic which plays right into the marketing plan of Hollister California. Hollister had to pay snapchat to create this filter but it is a brilliant marketing technique. Other brands that are targeting a younger demographic may also begin development of their own snapchat geolens in order to increase interest in their product.


 Hollister California Sponsored Geolens on Snapchat Overview

The Hollister California sponsored geolens is pretty cool. When you use this lens it will start out as a gray tinted filter with palm leaves blowing in the wind at the top of the filter. In the bottom left hand corner of the geolens you will find a white Hollister California logo. In order to start the interactive animation of the filter just open your mouth and raise your eyebrows. This will “start the party.” The gray background will transform into a colorful scene and sunglasses will fall onto your face. In the reflection of the sunglasses lenses you will see a rough outline of a stage. In addition to the lively colors and sunglasses, you will see the bird from the Hollister logo flying back and forth across the top of the lens.

How to Apply The Geolens

To apply a geolens to your selfies you will follow these simple steps. First you will need to open the snapchat front facing camera. Next you will hold either your thumb or finger on your face on the screen. This will allow snapchat to scan your face and locate your facial features. Once the scan is done you will be able to choose from a number of lenses at the bottom of the screen. The Hollister filter is currently the first lens that you will see in the group of lenses. Try it out and have some fun.

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Happy Snapping!