Snapchat Lenses – How to Get The Dalmatian Dog Snapchat Lens

The dog snapchat lens is one of three snapchat lenses that is always available. The other two being the face swap snapchat lens and the photo face swap snapchat lens. In recent weeks the dog snapchat lens updated itself to allow two people to use the same snapchat lens. Below you will find instructions on how to use the dalmatian dog snapchat lens with two people.

What is The Dalmatian Dog Snapchat Lens?

In a recent update of the snapchat app, the dog snapchat lens recieved an update. Now two people can be a part of the action at once. The dalmatian dog snapchat lens works the same as the original dog snapchat lens. In fact, it is the same lens just updated. The first face that the filter senses will receive the traditional dog snapchat lens. It will be a brown dog nose and ears with a pink tongue when you open your mouth. The difference is that when a second face is on the screen, it will receive a dog face at the same time as the first face. The second face will have Dalmatian dog features. The nose and ears of the lens will be spotted just like a dalmatian. The dog lens has always been the most popular snapchat lens. Thousands of snapchat users send snaps with the filter every day. This is why snapchat has decided to keep it available and add the dalmatian feature to the filter. Below you will find instructions on how to use the dalmatian snapchat lens with your friends.

How to Get the Dalmatian Dog Snapchat Lens

The steps to get and use the dalmatian dog snapchat lens is really quite simple. You will apply the dalmatian snapchat lens the same way you would apply the original dog snapchat lens; the only difference is the fact that two people will be on screen. Below are step by step directions on how to get the dalmatian effect on snapchat.

STEP 1: Open the snapchat app and make sure you are using the front facing camera.

STEP 2: Make sure that your entire face is in view of the camera, then hold down on your face on the screen with either your thumb or finger.

STEP 3: Once your face has been scanned by snapchat, you will have a number of different snapchat lenses to choose from on the bottom of the screen. Choose the Dog snapchat lens.

Step 4: Get one of your friends to get their entire face in the camera view next to yours and snapchat will apply the dalmatian dog snapchat lens to their face.

Dalmatian Dog snapchat lens

How to Get The Dalmatian Snapchat Lens With One Person 

Only the second person in the snap can get the dalmatian snapchat lens. If you are by yourself there is no way for you to apply the dalmatian snapchat lens to your face. I know a few different people who have tried to get the dalmatian snapchat lens by themselves. I think it would be cool if you could choose between different dog breeds on the dog snapchat lens. One day that might be possible.

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