Snapchat Lenses – How to Use Photo Face Swap Snapchat Lens 

The face swap feature on snapchat caused an uproar umungst snapchat users. People sent face swaps to all their friends and even tried to face swap with animals and drawings. Now there is a new twist to the snapcjat face swap Tha makes it possible to face swap when you are by yourself. 

Snapchat Photo Face Swap

The newest lens on snapchat allows snapchat users to face swap with an image from their phone. This means that you do not need someone with you to swap faces with them; you can just use an image of them. The photo face swap feature is available to all snapcjat users with a newer operating system. It will be interesting to see how the snapchat community reacts to the new snapchat photo face swap. Below you will find an description of the photo face swap lens along with instructions on how to use the new image face swap feature on snapchat.

How to Use Photo Face Swap on Snapchat

The new photo face swap feature on snapchat allows users to swap faces with any image on their phone. This means they can download any image onto their phone and swap faces with the picture. To use the picture face swap lens you simply scan your face by holding down on it and scrolling all the way to the right. The photo face swap lens will be the last one in the collection of lenses. Once selected, a slider will appear over the icon that is filled with pictures and images to choose from. Three of the faces are stock images just in case you do not have any images in your phone. There is a black man, a Caucasian man, and a man in a historical picture. The rest of the pictures are taken from the gallery on your phone. When you select an image the snapchat face swap lens will apply the face from the image to your face like a mask. The face will move with your facial movements creating a realistic effect. 

The snapchat picture or image face swap will be used by thousands of people after its release. Try using it to face swap with your favorite celebrities by downloading a photo of the celebrity onto your phone. Have fun with this new lens.

image face swap on snapchat 

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