Snapchat Lenses – Love Overdose Valentines Day Snapchat Lens

Snapchat Lenses - Love Overdose Valentines Day Snapchat LensSnapchat is not only releasing filters to celebrate Valentines Day, but also lenses. Snapchat released a valentines day filter a earlier today called the be my galentine filter. Along with the new filter  the collection of lenses available to animate your selfies have also been updated. In this update, toward the end of the collection, you will find the Love Overdose lens. I have been talking to some other snapchat experts and they believe that this lens was specifically created for the Valentines Day weekend. The idea behind this lens is that snapchat users would be able to send their special someone a scan of their brain. This will be further explained in the lens overview below.

Love Overdose Valentines Day Snapchat Lens Overview

The love overdose valentines day snapchat lens was a great idea. This lens allows snapchat users to spend that special someone a virtual scan of their brain. The lens begins as just a transparent grid that covers the entire screen. Then, once the lens is activated (by opening your mouth), a blue scanner slides down across the grid and the grid turns to a kind of negative blue filter. The lens than targets your head with a cyborg style, digital, targeting system and an animated brain appears on your forehead. Inside the brain there is a heard that represents the “love overdose.” at the bottom of the filter there is a digital scanner style text box that reads “love overdose danger.” Below that digital text there is another little line of digital style text that reads “Venice Beach, CA 90291,” this is the address of the snapchat headquarters. In the same text box there is some smaller text that reads “secret lab brain scan.” All of this text adds to the theme of a secret brain scanning facility that is scanning love overdoses on Valentines Day weekend. Give this lens a try and see if you are experiencing a love overdose this Valentines Day.

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Happy Snapping!