Snapchat Lenses – Man in Jail With Beard Snapchat Lens 

Snapchat lenses allow snapchat users to turn themselves into someone or something that they aren’t. The most recent snap chat lens allows you to put yourself in jail. Below you will find a description of the man in jail with beard snapchat lens along with an image of the lens. 

Man With Beard in Jail Snapchat Lens

The man with beard in jail snapchat lens allows snap chat users to turn themselves into a man in jail with a beard and scars. The lens starts by increasing the size of your chin and adding a beard and scars to your face. The lens also adds a jail cap that an inmate would wear in jail. The lens can be activated by raising your eyebrows and opening your mouth. Once activated some jail cell bars will close in front of you to create the effect that you are in jail. 

Happy Snapping!