Snapchat Lenses – Mona Lisa Painting With Frame Snapchat Lens 

Snapchat lenses have allowed snapchat users to vomit rainbows, blow blow bubbles and even become a police officer. Now there are more options for snapchat lenses than ever before.

The Mona Lisa is one of the most famous paintings in the world if not the most famous. It was painted by Leonardo da Vinci during the Renaissance. The Mona Lisa portrays a woman sitting with her arms crossed looking with an indifferent look on her face. The painting is viewed by thousands of people every year. Now you can turn yourself into a painting similar to the Mona Lisa. Below you will find a description of the Mona Lisa Painting Snapchat Lens along with an image of the lens being used. 

Mona Lisa Painting Snapchat Lens Overview 

The Mona Lisa painting snapchat lens allows snapchat users to turn themselves into a work of art similar to the Mona Lisa painting. The lens starts off by adding a gold frame around the edge of the screen. This gold frame creates the effect of a painting. The lens also adds a dull yellow green tint to your face. To finish of the painting effect, the lens replaces your eyes, nose, and mouth with the facial features of the Mona Lisa. These facial features complete the painting effect. 

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