Snapchat Lenses – Mother’s Day 2016 Cute Baby Snapchat Lens

Mother’s day is here and to mark the occasion snapchat has created a mothers day snapchat lens. This lens will be used heavily throughout mother’s day as snapchat users tribute to their mothers. The lens is creative and works very well.

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The mother’s day baby snapchat lens allows snapchat users to turn themselves back into a baby. The idea behind the lens is that people will be able to turn themselves back into a baby just like they were when their mothers still took care of them. This lens is a great and funny way to thank your mother this mother’s day. You could send a snapchat video of yourself as a cute little baby thanking your mother. Below you will find a description of the mother’s day cute baby snapchat lens along with an image of the lens.

Mother’s Day Cute Baby Snapchat Lens Overview

The mother’s day baby snapchat lens allows anyone to turn themselves into a cute little baby this mother’s day. The lens consists of a few animated elements that combine with some facial morphing to create the baby effect. The lens adds an animated baby cap and a pacifier. The lens also adds a filter that reads “happy mother’s day”. This lens also morphs your face to make it look like it has fatter cheeks and blush. The mother’s day snapchat lens can be activated by opening your mouth. Once activated the pacifier will fall from your mouth and make a pop noise.

Snapchat Lenses - Mothers Day Cute Baby Snapchat Lens

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