Snapchat Lenses – MTV Movie Awards Fantastic Snapchat Geolens

Snapchat lenses are used for a number of different purposes. Some are created and used purely for entertainment. Other snapchat lenses however, are created for business. Some snapchat lenses are created to market a product or event. There have been snapchat lenses for movies, clothes and pretty much any product you can think of.

Today is the day of the MTV Movie awards. The MTV movie awards will be begin at seven o’clock pm on MTV. MTV movie award nominees are chosen by directors and staff at MTV, then the nominees are posted online for people to choose winners for each category.  The show is always filled with celebrities and fun. You can expect to see celebrities such as Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson. There is a snapchat geolens that was created to market the event. Below you will find a description of the MTV movie awards fantastic Snapchat geolens, along with an image of the lens.

MTV Movie Awards Fantastic Snapchat Geolens Overview

The MTV Movie Awards Snapchat lens allows snapchat users to decorate their snapchat posts with some celebrities as well as let people know if they are at the event or watching from home. The lens starts off by adding images of Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart to the sides of the lens. In the bottom left hand corner of the lens there is a logo for the MTV Movie Awards. In the bottom right hand corner there is a gold bucket of gold popcorn. This lens can be activated by opening your mouth and raising your eyebrows. Once activated, gold popcorn will begin falling from the top of the lens. At the top of the lens there will be text that reads Fan Tastic with some gold duct tape covering a space between Fan and Tastic. Be sure to use this snapchat lens if you are watching the MTV Movie Awards.

MTV Movie Awards Fantastic Snapchat Geolens

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