Snapchat Lenses – Overwatch Game Snapchat Lens 

Today, May 24th, a new snapchat lens was released promoting the release of a new video game. Snapchat has been used to promote a number of movies in the past now I seems as though video games might take advantage of the genius marketing tequnique. 

The most recent snapchat sponsored lens is a promotion for the game overwatch. What is the overwatch snapchat lens? Overwatch is a new video game that released today. Below you will find a description of the overwatch snapchat lens along with an image of the lens applied. 

Overwatch Game Snapchat Lens Overview 

The overwatch game snapchat lens  allows snapchat users to turn themselves into a monkey looking character from the game. The lens starts by turning your eyes glow of yellow. Then there is also a red filter applied to the screen. In the upper right hand corner of the lens  is the logo for overwatch with some text that reads “available now”.

Happy Snapping!

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