Snapchat Lenses – Paint Splatter Snapchat Lens 

The paint splatter snapchat lens allows snapchat users to cover themselves with paint. 

Snapchat lenses are continuing to get more and more realistic. The most recent snapchat lens that displays the realistic abilities snapchat has is the paint splatter snapchat lens. This lens allows snapchat users to cover themselves in virtual paint. This is great for people who love the look of getting messy without the cleanup afterward. Below you will find a description of the paint splatter lens as well as a picture to show what the lens looks like when activated. 

Paint Splatter Snapchat Lens Overview

The paint splatter snapchat lens is great for those who want to make a mess with some paint but don’t have the money to waste on flinging paint everywhere. The lens starts off as just a normal camera with a few paint marks that hint that paint had been slung in the past. To activate this lens just open your mouth. Once activated, the lens will splash paint everywhere. There will be animated paint all over your face and on the screen. Then it all dissapears like nothing ever happened. 

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Happy Snapping!