Snapchat Lenses – Pink and White Cat Snapchat Lens

snapchat lenses - pink cat snapchat lens One of the newest additions to the collection of snapchat lenses is the pink cat snapchat lens. This lens allows you to turn yourself and your friends into a snugly little kitty. This lens is going to be used heavily by females and some guys who want to feel a little more cute. This snapchat lens is brand new so use it while you can. This lens will likely be gone for a while after a week or so; but it will make its return before long. Don’t let the pink cat lens fool you. This pink kitty can get heated fairly quickly. Below you will find an overview of the pink cat snapchat lens as well as some instructions regarding how to apply it to your snapchat selfies.

Pink and White Cat Snapchat Lens Overview 

The pink cat snapchat lens is very cute but it hides a little surprise. When this lens is first applied to your selfie camera  you will be turned into a pretty little white cat. You will have little white ears above your forehead with pink on the inner ears. Your nose will be covered with a little white cat snout with a pink nose and whiskers. Your eyes will also be slightly enlarged and you will have pink blush on your cheeks. This lens can be activated by opening your mouth. Once activated the lens will produce a pair of white cat fore paws with pink pads. These paws also hide some sharp claws that appear to scratch your perfectly good mobile device screen.

How to Apply The Pink and White Cat Snapchat Lens 

To apply this lens to your selfies you will first need to open the front facing camera of on the snapchat app. Next you will want to scan your face. This is done by holding either your finger or thumb down on your face on the screen. Once your face is scanned a number of snapchat lens options will appear on the bottom of the screen. To apply the cat lens you will want to scroll to the icon that looks like a white cat with enlarged eyes and a pink paw in front of it.

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