Snapchat Lenses – Police Officer Man With Sunglasses and Mushache

Snapchat lenses allow snapchat users to add a little something extra to their snapchat selfies. You can add animated elements and even morph your face. Some snapchat lenses even give you facial hair. 

Snapchat lenses are one of the coolest features on snapchat. One of the new lenses on snapchat allow you to turn yourself into a police officer. This lens is fun for those who like to pretend they are someone else or mockingly use the snaochat lenses. This lens is funny when girls use it because of the facial hair. Below you will find a description of the Police Officer Man With Sunglasses and Mustache along with an image of the lens being used.

Police Officer Man With Sunglasses and Mustache Snapchat Lens Overview

The police officer man with sunglasses and mustache snapchat lens allows both guys and girls to turn themselves into a  police officer. The lens starts off by adding a stereotypical police man mustache to your face. It also adds a pair of reflective sunglasses to your eyes. Finally the lens will add a police man hat with a gold badge on it. This lens can be activated by opening your mouth and raising your eyebrows. Once activated, sirens will sound and blue and red flashing lights will begin to flash. 
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