Snapchat Lenses – Raccoon Mask Snapchat Lens

Snapchat Lenses - Raccoon Mask Snapchat Lens The most recent snachat lenses have started to be focusing on animals as apposed to supernatural creatures. The latest snapchat lens makes snapchat users look like a raccoon. In previous mini updates, snapchat has released the Panda Snapchat Lens as well as the Bunny Rabbit Snapchat Lens. The panda lens was pretty realistic and covered the entire face of the snapchat user while the bunny rabbit snapchat lens was a little less realistic and the rabbit actually turned into a killer bunny. The raccoon snapchat lens is not as realistic as the panda lens but it is less unbelievable than the rabbit snapchat lens. Below you will find a desription of the raccoon snapchat lens.

Raccoon Mask Snapchat Lens Overview

The raccoon mask snapchat lens allows any snapchat user to turn themselves into a raccoon. This is accomplished by using both the facial morphing abilities of snapchat lenses along with some added mask features. The raccoon snapchat lens first morphs your face so that your eyes are closer together. By doing this your face more closely resembles the anatomy of a raccoon. Then, a pair of gray and black ears are placed on top of your head. A raccoon themed mask is then placed over your eyes and extends all the way to your upper lip. The mask consists of two eye holes that will line up with your eyes and a raccoon snout complete with whiskers. This lens can be activated by opening your mouth. Once activated, a pair of raccoon hands will extend up from the bottom of the screen and rub together mischievously. This is because raccoon have been known to be mischievous animals.

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