Snapchat Lenses – Samsung Gear VR Virtual Reality Snapchat Geolens

Snapchat Lenses - Samsung Gear VR Virtual Reality Snapchat Geolens Virtual reality is becoming more and more available for everyday use by people all around the world. Inexpensive headsets have been created that can turn any smartphone into a virtual reality screen. These headsets work extremely well and produce amazingly clear three dimensional worlds. One of the most popular virtual reality headsets is the Samsung Gear VR. VR stands for Virtual Reality. To help promote this product, Samsung has sponsored a snapchat lens that gives snapchat users a sneak peek at the product and its capabilities. The use of a Geolens to help market the product is a genius move by Samsung. Now whenever this lens is used by snapchat users, the word about the Samsung Gear VR virtual reality headset will be spread. Below you will find a description of the Samsung Gear VR snapchat Geolens.

Samsung Gear VR Virtual Reality Snapchat Geolens Overview

The Samsung Gear VR Snapchat lens allows snapchat users to pretend that they are using the virtual reality headset. This lens serves as a kind of virtual reality, virtual reality headset. In the top left hand corner of the lens there is a logo for the product. The logo consists of the Samsung logo paired with the product logo. Below the logo it says that the headset is powered by Oculus. This lens puts an animated version of the virtual reality goggles on your face. These goggles will follow all your head movements. This snapchat lens can also be activated by raising your eyebrows. Every time you raise your eyebrows the scene around your head will change. You can switch between three backgrounds. There is an Ocean background scene with fish, a Jungle background with foliage and jungle animals, and a volcano background scene with lava. You can switch between scenes by raising your eyebrows. This is a cool feature and I hope to see it in some of the next snapchat lenses.

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