Snapchat Lenses – Samsung Snapchat Geolens Game

Snapchat Lenses - Samsung Snapchat GeolensSnapchat lenses have gone from being solely for entertainment purposes, to being used as a way for companies to advertise. These business minded lenses are becoming more and more common as companies begin to see the value of advertising on snapchat. The lenses so far have ranged from skittles to Hollister. Now Samsung joins the ranks. These snapchat geolenses allow users to animate their selfies with something other than the stock snapchat lenses. Along with unique animations, these geolenses also include the sponsoring brand’s logo and sometimes the companies products. The Samsung geolens Includes the Samsung virtual reality goggles that turn your phone into a virtual reality. Below you will find a description of the Samsung geolens.

Samsung Snapchat Geolens Game

The Samsung snapchat geolens allows snapchat users to turn themselves into a cyborg type of character. Before it is activated the lens consists of the Samsung logo, some stars, and the Samsung virtual reality goggles. Once activated, the lens covers your face with a blue web of lines that look similar to the lines on a topographic map. On top of your head there are pink lines that have more jagged appearance that represent a kind of cyborg hair. Over your eyes there is a product of Samsung’s. It is the virtual reality goggles for galaxy products. This product allows users to turn their galaxy device into a virtual reality device. A target also targets the goggles. Eventually all the lines will disappear and asteroids will begin flying toward the goggles. It is a sort of game. To play the Samsung geolens game you will have to dodge these asteroids and keep them from hitting the goggles. If your goggles get hit the screen will go black with the exception of the goggles and the words “game over”. Then the lens resets and you can raise your eyebrows again to activate the lens.

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